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Ninova provides a facility for ITU instructors to deliver their courseware online. Ninova’s main point is to support classroom education.

Instructors may,

  • Update courseware content whenever they want through web based content development tools
  • Support class room education through electronic messaging, publishing announcements, assignments, events and notes on Ninova
  • Make education independent from time and place
  • Enrich education with graphical, visual and other multimedia files

Though first development of courseware is time consuming, the resulting courseware may be used and updated after. Initially Ninova was not developed for distance learning, but instructors may prefer to do so by following distance learning instructional design methodologies.

Instructors may define three different levels of access on educational courseware,

Public courseware: Everyone on the Internet may access this types of courses.
Courseware open to ITU Faculty: Only ITU Faculty members may access this type of courseware.
Closed courseware: Only ITU students who are taking the class related with the education may access the courseware.

Ninova’s real power and effectiveness will be unleashed whenever the ITU faculty chooses to publish its knowledge, experience and research on this web based platform.


Ninova provides a web based electronic learning environment to the students.

ITU Faculty students may,

  • Access courseware content and resources at any time and place
  • Send messages to classmates, start online discussions on subjects, use events calendar and other synchronous and asynchronous messaging tools
  • Access open courses
  • Access other professional development courseware on Information Technologies and career

ITU students may access courseware content and classes by using their ITU user name and passwords.

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