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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ninova mean?

The word of “Ninova” is given to a student platform which is an education program on web. Ninova was the capital of the Assyria, in addition the first library (B.C 500) was located inside the Ninova on B.C 1800. GILGAMIŞ Epigs and the stories written before the TUFAN times were found on the clay tablets from this library in the middle of the 19.century. Furthermore on clay tablets first multiplication and sum data’s were found.

What is the meaning of education in Ninova?

Ninova is designed adaptable to the real life education system. Education is as same as the courses/lessons used in university. Course/lesson may have one or more responsibilities. Courses/Lessons are independent from the semesters. Students reach the courses via classrooms.

What can instructor/educators for Ninova?

Instructors can update course content with web based course development interface when they need. They can support education with in-course messaging, announcements, exam results noticing and suchlike tools. They cause the given education to exceed being indoors by making it independent of time and space.ın addition to printed content, they can enrich process of teaching with visual shows, animations and video records.

What must I do to use Ninova for my courses?

Ninova has being used since February 2007. To use Ninova for your lessons click here. Than you can make application with this link.

I did not find the course code which I want to open. What must I do?

All course codes can not be existed in application form. Send course code and course name with using “Contact” area. After the course code is confirmed by otomation system, lesson code will be added to the form and the information will be given to you.

How can I make a course application?

With “Public Courses” button which is in main page, you can find application form. After choosing course code that you want to open, enter TR and EN explanations. Than, you can finish application.

What is the meaning of Class at Ninova?

Every teacher opens some courses each semester. Each of these classes have own student list, class file, message board, announcements and homework system. There can be some responsible teachers and their assistances for classes. A course can include more classes.

How can I take user account and password to access system?

ITU user account and password (e-mail account) is used to login the system. The academic personnel which has not got user account, can take an account from ITU/BIDB or own faculty’s laboratory assistant. Students can take an account from ITU/BIDB’s laboratories or ITU/BIDB.

How can I signify my requests, suggestions and complaints?

You can reach us with “Contact” menu which is under the main menu.

I have been login to Ninova, but I can not access any course?

For academically personal: There is no relation with your account and any course.
For students: Your account was not related any active course. Consult your course advisor.

Can students open course at Ninova?

No, students have not authority for opening course.

I authorized a student for me, can he/she make an course application?

He/she can make course application, but his/her course application will not confirmed. For confirmation, new lesson application must be made by academic personnel user name and password.

I was graduated ITU, how can I take advantages of courses?

Service is available only for ITU students or staffs. Accessing Ninova will be expanded. Follow web page for news.

How much is the course fee?

Courses are free. However, only members of classes (ITU account users) can access courses.

I am not a ITU student or staff, how can I take advantege of courses?

Courses are available for ITU students of staffs by assigned educator. Soon, courses can be available by academic personnels which prepared the course. Follow the web page news.

Is there any upper limit for uploaded files?

Uploaded files can not be larger than 20MB.

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