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MTO 457 - Introduction to Energy Meteorology

Course Objectives

Wind, solar and solar-hydrogen are some of the renewable energies. Additionally electricity generation from hydropower depend on hydrologic circulation and meteorological events. As a result of these reasons, a base course is necessary for wind, solar and hydropower energies at the undergraduate program of our department.

Course Description

Renewable energy sources in the world and their usage, Wind occurrence and effective parameters, General and local wind systems, Wind statistics, Determination wind energy potential , Wind energy potential estimation models, Wind turbines, Fundementals of solar energy, models of solar energy, Collectors and photovoltaic systems, Solar energy potential in Turkey, Atmospheric effects to energy efficiency, Hydropower and Wave energies, hybrid systems

Course Coordinator
Hatice Sema Topçu
Şükran Sibel Menteş
Course Language
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