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Course Information

Course Name
English Spacecraft Systems Design
Course Code
UZB 422E Credit Lecture
Semester 8
3 2 2 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Alim Rüstem Aslan
Course Objectives To develop the full skill set necessary for system engineering of spacecraft system design and to exercise the design of a spacecraft with defined goals, design requirements and realistic constraints with teamwork.
Course Description A system view of spacecraft and its life cycle. Missions and Payloads. The space environment. Mission analysis. Orbital mechanics and Dynamics of spacecraft. Space Propulsion systems. Spacecraft structures and mechanisms. Orbit and Attitude determination and control. Electrical power systems. Thermal control of spacecraft. Telecommunications. Command and data handling. Ground control. Launch vehicles. Atmospheric re-entry.
Course Outcomes After completion of this course, the students should :
1. know about space mission concepts and payload driven operations, testing requirements(a3,b2,c3,e3,h2,k3)
2. apply basic concepts of orbital mechanics and propulsion systems to spacecraft design, (a3,c3,e3,k3)
3. apply basic concepts of structures and mechanisms, power and thermal effects to spacecraft design, (a3,c3,e3,k3)
4. apply basic concepts of telecommunications, command and data handling to a spacecraft design,(a3,c3,e3,k3)
5. know about spacecraft attitude, determination and control, apply them for guidance and navigation,(a3,c3,e3,k3)
6. develop a conceptual design of a spacecraft including mission operations, launch, ground support and logistics,(a3,b2,c3,d2,e3,g3,k3)
7. write a comprehensive final design report (teamwork) and present the project work(b2,d2,e3,f2,g3,h2,i2,j3,k3)
Pre-requisite(s) UZB 421E MIN DD
Required Facilities Computers, CATIA, STK or similar software
Other classroom for team work
Textbook Elements of Spacecraft Design, Charles D Brown, AIAA Education Series, 2003
Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD (Space Technology Library, Vol. 28) ,July 29, 2011
Other References All spacecraft design books, journal and meetings papers
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