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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Introduction, Feedback Control examples
2 Fundamental Principles, Mathematical Models, Feedback Principles
3 Modeling Principles, Example systems
4 Dynamic Behaviors, Stability Analysis
5 Transfer Functions, Frequency Domain Modeling, Block Diagrams
6 Gains, Poles and Zeros, The Bode Plots
7 Loop Transfer Functions, Nyquist Criterion, Stability Margins
8 Minimum Phase Systems, Generalized notion for Gain and Phase
9 Midterm
10 PID Controller, PID Tuning, Integrator Windup
11 Frequency Domain Design, Feedforward Design, Performance Specifications
12 Feedback Design via Loop Shaping, The Root-Locus Method
13 Modeling Uncertainty, Stability and Performance under Uncertainty
14 Robust Pole Placement, Design for Robust Performance
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