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MTO 317E - Computational Fluid Dynamics in Meteorological Engineering

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the concept of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and their relation with numerical weather prediction.
2. To apply basic CFD calculations.
3. To apply CFD methods on atmospheric science problems.
4.. To design the parts of atmospheric models.

Course Description

Introduction: Computational Fluid Dynamics. The Governing Equations. Basics of the Finite-Difference Method. Consistency and Accuracy. Stability. Application to the Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations. The Runge Kutta Methods. Partial Differential Equations. Model Equations and Types. Integration of a Linear Hyperbolic Equation. Integration of a Linear Parabolic Equation. Integration of a Linear Elliptic Equation. Finite Difference Scheme for a Convection-Diffusion Equation. Applications for Atmospheric Science Problems.

Course Coordinator
Elçin Tan
Course Language
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