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MTO 451E - Oceanography

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the basic concepts related with oceanography,
2. To apply basic physical and dynamic oceanographical problems,
3. To gain an understanding that atmosphere and ocean behave as a coupled system,
4. To solve problems related with atmosphere and ocean interaction.

Course Description

Introduction to Physical Oceanography, Properties of Sea Water and Typical Distributions of Water Characteristics, The Basic Physical Laws in Oceanography, The Equation of Motion in Oceanography, The Role of Nonlinear Terms in the Equation of Motion, Currents Without Friction, Geostrophic Flow, Currents with Friction, Wind-Driven Circulation, Thermohaline Effects, Numerical Ocean Models, Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction and Importance in Climate System, Waves, Tides, Coastal and Lake Currents.

Course Coordinator
Elçin Tan
Course Language
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