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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Güneş ve Yer Radyasyonu
English Solar and Terrestrial Radiation
Course Code
MTO 262 Credit Lecture
Semester 4
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hatice Sema Topçu
Course Objectives Understanding the radiative proceses in the atmosphere being one of the most important subjects of the atmospheric physics and the thermal radiation, energy balance, climate change and the physical events in the terrestrial and atmospheric system, forming the basis in the solar energy practices
Course Description Characteristics of solar radiation, Thermal radiation, Astronomical and geographical factors affected solar radiation, Extraterrestirial solar radiation and its spectral distribution. Hourly and daily solar radiation on horizontal and inclined surfaces in the extraterrestrial atmosphere, Absorption, scattering, reflection and cloud effect in the atmosphere, Solar radiation models, Long wave radiation in the earth-atmosphere systems and greenhouse effect.
Course Outcomes 1. To calculate astronomical parameters the position of sun relative to the earth,
2. To be able to know relationship between thermal radiation laws, spectral emission power and temperature,
3. To calculate extraterrestrial irradiation on the horizontal and inclined sufaces,
4. To be able to know scattering processes in the atmosphere,
5. To calculate absorption processing by ozone, water vapour and aerosols,
6. To be able to determine radiative effect of clouds and cloud transmissvity,
7. To able to comparison and to apply solar radiation modeling,
8. To be able to determine relationship between greenhouse effect and surface temperature.
Required Facilities
Textbook M.Iqbal, An Introduction to Solar Radiation Academic Press. 1983
Other References Andrews, D.G., An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics, Cambridge University Press, (2000).
Salby,M.L., Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics, Academic Press, (1996).
Liou, K-N., An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation, Academic Press, (1980).
Chamberlain, J.W., Hunten D.M., Theory of Planetary Atmospheres, Academic Press, (1987).
Wallace, J.M., Hobbs, P.V., Atmospheric Science, Academic Press, (1976).
Coulson, K.L., Solar and terrestrial radiation, Academic Press, (1975).
Duffy, J.A., Beckman, W.A., Solar energy thermal process, John Wiley and Sons (1974).
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