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MTO 354 - Agricultural and Forest Meteorology II

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to give information to the students of the department of meteorology engineering about the developments in the field of agriculture and forest meteorology, how to use and importance of meteorological information in this field. This course is important in terms of understanding the place of the department courses to be taken later by the students of meteorology engineering.

Course Description

Analysis of the effects of meteorological parameters on agricultural production using crop-climate models. Canopy structure; climate change-agriculture interaction; Energy and water balances and their components over canopy; Calculation of the evapotranspiration and heat fluxes of greenhouse gases using micrometeorological methods; Conductance for the heat- and mass transfers of canopy; drought; Effects of meteorological factors on forest fire; Effects of air pollution on agriculture and forest; Radiation- and water utilization of field crops; Usage of remote sensing in agricultural meteorology; Applications on agriculture and forest meteorology.

Course Coordinator
Levent Şaylan
Course Language
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