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MTO 321 - Weather Analysis and Prediction I

Course Description

Synoptic-scale structure of the troposphere. Main models on the vertical section. Synoptic observations and representativeness. Synoptic, aerologic and aeronautic codes. Plotting of data on weather maps and their analysis. Graphical and manual analysis, isopleths of scalar fields. Discontinuities, streamlines, isotachs, trajectories. Hydrostatic equation and its applications. Surface weather elements, interpretation of synoptic surface reports. Upper level structures, thickness and its relationship to vertical structure problems. Thermal structure of deep tropospheric layers. Thermal wind. Thermal advection and hodograph. Isallobaric wind, gradient wind. Cyclostrophic wind. Estimation of vertical motion. Vorticity. Evaluation of geostrophic wind, vorticity and divergence. Evaluation of vertical motion with divergence. Advection. Tropospheric waves. Case studies.

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