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MTO 340E - Atmospheric Dynamics II

Course Objectives

This course aims to develop an understanding of atmospheric dynamics in the context of observed phenomena, to develop the theory of atmospheric waves and develop the theory for how these waves interact with the mean flow, to develop an understanding of the quasi-geostrophic approximation, and demosntrate the application of this approximation to the atmospheric events.

Course Description

Thermal wind relationship, Absolute angular momentum, Circulation and vorticity, Circulation theorem, Land and sea breezes, Potential vorticity, Vorticity equation, Scale analysis of the vorticity equation, Atmospheric oscillations, Linear perturbation theory, Simple wave types, Atmospheric waves, Gravity waves, Rossby waves, Quasi-geostrophic theory, potential vorticity and vertical motion.

Course Coordinator
Yurdanur Ünal
Course Language
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