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Course Objectives

Kinematics of vibration and fundamental principles. Single degree of systems, undamped and damped free vibration. Fourier series, Laplace transformation, transfer function, forced vibration, resonance, vibration isolation. Two degree of systems, frequency equation and natural frequencies, general coordinate systems and uncoupling of the systems. Multi degree of freedom systems. Frequency equation, natural frequencies and natural vectors, modal analysis and uncoupling of system, dynamic vibration isolators and application in aircraft. Introduction to continuous vibration, rod axial vibration, bending vibration of beams.

Course Description

1. Basic concept of vibration
2. Undamped and damped vibrations of single degree of freedom systems
3. Undamped and damped vibrations of multi degree of freedom systems
4.Vibration of continuos system

Course Coordinator
Metin Orhan Kaya
Course Language
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