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MTO 353 - Agricultural and Forest Meteorology I

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to inform the meteorology students on the developments on agricultural and forest meteorology, which is one of the most important application areas in the meteorology science. Herewith, the value of agricultural and forest meteorology for our country will be emphasized and the effects of the meteorological factors will be analyzed. Additionally, this course is necessary for the building of a base knowledge of the students who are going to take the Agricultural and Forest Meteorology-II course within the next courses in the department.

Course Description

Introduction. The atmosphere from agricultural and forest viewpoint. Physical and meteorological principles of agricultural and forest meteorology. Photosynthesis. Important meteorological factors in agricultural and forest meteorology. Usage of instruments and methods to measure and observe meteorological data. Agrometeorological concepts and their definitions. Relations among plant, soil and atmosphere. Ecology and phenology of agriculture and forest. Biological effects of light. Climate of crops, trees, soils and animals. Effects of meteorological parameters on agriculture and forest. Applications of agricultural and forest meteorology on agriculture and forest.

Course Coordinator
Levent Şaylan
Course Language
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