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UCK 303E - Automatic Control

Course Objectives

Introdcution to Automatic Control

Course Description

Introduction to Automatic Control Systems: Brief history of automatic control. Clasification of control systems. Principles of control. Open-loop systems. Closed loop systems. The Laplace transform method. Properties of laplace transform. Transfer functions Block diagrams. Signal-flow graph models. Analysis of control sytems in the time domain. First order sytems. Second order sytems. Time responses of sytems. Steady-state error of sytems. Sensitivity of control systems to parameter variations. Stability analysis of linear fedback control systems. The concept of stability. The Routh-Hurwitz stability criterion. The relative stability of sytems. The root locus method. The root locus concept. The root locus procedures. An example of a control sytem analysis using root locus method. Frequency domain anaysis of control sytems. Bode digrams. Nyquist stability criterion.

Course Coordinator
Gökhan İnalhan
Course Language
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