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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Basic concepts, calibration, standards, dimensions and units, the generalized measurement system, static and dynamic characteristics of transducers
2 Experimental errors, uncertainty analysis, statistical analysis of experimental data
3 Chauvenet’s criterion, Chi-square test of goodness of fit, method of least squares, graphical analysis
4 Filtering the measured data, Fourier analysis, use of analog and digital filters
6 Flow-rate and pressure measurements
7 Balances - displacement, rotational speed, torque, acceleration, force and strain measurements
8 CTA - voltage, current and resistance measurements, Wheatstone bridge
9 Laboratory (Trisonic Research Lab) visit and demo
10 Flow visualization – temperature measurements
11 PIV – velocity measurements
12 Laboratory Experiments
13 Laboratory Experiments
14 Laboratory Experiments
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