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UCK 322E - Flight Mechanics

Course Objectives

1.To introduce students to the fundamental concepts of airplane aerodynamics, propulsion, and the equations of motion.
2.To enable students to analytically estimate airplane performance for all phases of flight
3.To enhance the students written, oral, and graphical communication skills.

Course Description

Aircraft Forces and Subsystems: The atmosphere,
aerodynamic forces, propulsion subsystem. Turbojets-Level
Flight in the Vertical Plane: Governing equations, level flight,
ceiling, cruise flight and range, maximum endurance. Other
Flights in the Vertical Plane: Take-off and landing, climbing flight, unpowered flight. Turning Flight in the Horizontal
Plane: Governing equations, maximum load factor, bank angle, turning rate, and turning radius. Piston-Props-Level
Flight in the Vertical Plane: Governing equations, level flight and ceiling conditions, best range, maximum endurance.
Other Flight: Take-off and landing, climbing flight, turning fight, turboprops, turbofans, and others-turboprops and
turbofans, Mach number representation, flight and
maneuvering envelops, the effect of wind on performance.

Course Coordinator
Barış Başpınar
Course Language
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