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UZB 220E - Mechanical Vibrations

Course Objectives

Course objectives can be defined as follows:
1. Introducing basic aspects of vibrational analysis
2. Analyzing single-, two- and multi-degree-of-freedom systems
3. Discussing the use of different methods in the analysis of vibratory systems
4. Familiarizing the engineering students with the use of MATLAB or other programming languages as directed toward vibration problems.
5. 5. Providing the engineering students with the knowledge and design ability of mechanical vibratory systems.

Course Description

Mechanical vibrations refer to the oscillations or repetitive motions of a mechanical system about an equilibrium position. These vibrations can occur in various engineering systems, including machinery, structures, vehicles, and other mechanical components. In the scope of this lecture; understanding the basic oscillatory motion principles of systems, mathematical modelling of vibratory systems, determination/solution of the equations of motion and modal analyses of systems with different degrees of freedom (single, two and multi), vibratory motion of continuous systems take place.

Course Coordinator
Özge Özdemir
Course Language
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