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UCK 236E - Composite Materials

Course Objectives

Fibers: glass, carbon, ceramics, organics fibers. Matrix materials: polymers, metal, ceramics, carbon matrix materials. Composite materials: polymers matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, carbon/carbon composites. Mechanics of composite materials: density, elasticity coefficient, thermal expansion coefficients. Transfer of tensile loading to matrix from fibers. Strength of composite materials. Mechanics of lamina structure.
Two laboratory sections will be held in the scope of this course. In the first section, commonly used fibers and polymers, and a simple composite manufacturing by vacuum infusion method will be introduced. In the second section, the advanced composite manufacturing methods such as hot-press and 3D-printing will be demonstrated

Course Description

To understand the importance of composites in aerospace industry and the students will learn the common used composites for aircrafts with their mechanics as well. Students will be able to solve the problems on the mechanics of composite materials. Also one of the most important part of this class is to design and fabricate a composite material as a project for this course.

Course Coordinator
Kaan Yıldız
Course Language
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