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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Helikopter Teorisi
English Helicopter Theory
Course Code
UCK 459 Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Alim Rüstem Aslan
Alim Rüstem Aslan
Course Objectives • To teach the fundamentals of rotorcraft flight.
• To show similarities with and differences from the fixed wing aircrafts.
• To introduce the conceptual design of rotary wing aircrafts.
Course Description History of helicopter. Vertical Take-off/Landing aircrafts. Basics of helicopter flight. Elements of helicopter. Basic movements. Introduction to rotor aerodynamics. Climb and descend. Factors effecting vertical movement. Forward flight. Analysis of blade movement. Basic performance of helicopter. Conceptual design of helicopter.
Course Outcomes On completing this course students should/should be able to,
1. Know the basic parts of helicopters. (c2,d1)
2. Judge those parts, effects on design. (c3,d1,e2,f1,j1,k1)
3. Know the principles of control elements. (c3,d1,e2,f1,j1,k1)
4. Know the issues in helicopter technology. (c3,d1,e2,f1,j2,k1)
5. Calculate the power requirements for hover using momentum theory. (a2,c3,d1,e2,f1,j1,k1)
6. Calculate the power requirements for climb using momentum theory. (a2,c3,d1,e2,f1,j1,k1)
7. Calculate the power requirements for forward flight using momentum theory. (a2,c3,d1,e2,f1,j1,k1)
Pre-requisite(s) To have completed at least 75 Credit hours
Required Facilities
Textbook Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics, G. Leishman, Cambridge Uni. Press, 2006.
Other References • Gessow A, and Meyers, G.C., Aerodynamics of Helicopters, McMillan, 1952
• Wayne Johnson, Helicopter Theory, Dover Publ, 1994
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