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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish CAD/CAM
English CAD/CAM
Course Code
UZB 487 Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hüsnü Barbaros Soyer
Course Objectives • Introducing the CAD/CAM systems.
• Giving the information about creating a CAD software.
• Teaching a CAD software and using it to design a product.
• Preparing presentation of designed product.
• Teaching a CAM software and obtaining codes required for CNC machines.
Course Description Computer aided systems and interaction among them. Modelling methods used by a CAD software. Product design and development process. Getting the NC codes manually or by using a CAM software.
Course Outcomes The students passing the course should :
1. Be able to make sketches iso-constraint (a2,c2,e2,i1,k2)*
2. Be able to model simple (machine) parts given technical drawings (a2,c2,e1,i1,k2)*
3. Be able to design a product (water-bottle, door handle, wash basin, moneybox, etc.) by taking into consideration the given constraints (a2,c3,e2,i2,j1,k2)*
4. Be able to design the die and punch of a sheet metal part (bowl, table-d’hote plate, etc.) (a2,c3,e2,i1,j1,k2)*
5. Be able to assembly by taking into consideration the given constraints (a2,c3,e2,i1,k2)*
6. Be able to obtain the outputs (photorealistic render pages) of the designed product in order to make its presentation (a1,g1,h1,i3,j1,k2)*
7. Be able to obtain technical views of the designed part or assembly (a2,e2,g1,i1,k1)*
8. Be able to prepare NC codes manually of the given part for turning and prismatic machining (a1,c1,e1,i1,k1)*
9. Be able to get NC codes by using CAM software (a1,c2,e2,i1,k2)*
Required Facilities
Other References Özdemir, A., Tekiner, Z. ve Turgut, M., CATIA ile Modelleme, Seçkin Yayıncılık, 2007
Turgut, M., CATIA ile İmalat Ve Analiz, Seçkin Yayıncılık, 2008
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