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MTO 428E - Climate Dynamics

Course Objectives

Basic understanding of earth’s climate system
Practice problem-solving skills and application of scientific concepts.
Discussion of current climate issues (Global Warming, NAO,ENSO, drought, etc.)

Course Description

Climate system: atmosphere, oceans, cryosphere, biosphere and geosphere. Radiation balance and greenhouse effect. Climate in the past: evidence of climatic change, post-glacial changes. Feedback mechanisms in climate: the ice-albedo feedback, the water vapor feedback, cloud feedbacks, combining feedback effects. Possible causes of climatic change: external causes -changes in the solar activity, Milankovitch variations, and internal causes volcanic eruptions, tropospheric aerosols. Surface changes-. Energy balance models: box models- another form of energy balance models. Radiative-convective models. Radiative forcing of climate: greenhouse gases, direct and indirect effects of greenhouse gasses, past and present changes in radiative forcing. Validation of climate models.

Course Coordinator
Yurdanur Ünal
Yurdanur Ünal
Course Language
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