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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yapı Tasarımı
English Structural Design
Course Code
UCK 328E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Zahit Mecitoğlu
Course Objectives 1 - To introduce the concepts, principles and fundamentals of structural design.
2 - To ENABLE that the students can be applied their knowledge on the materials, strength of materials, mechanical vibrations and other fields to the design of structures..
3 - To ensure effective use of a finite element software to analyze and design the structures
Course Description Structural design process, Structural design elements and material selection, Structural failures, Modeling and simulation using finite element method, Trusses, beams and frames, Plane stress and plane strain problems, Plates and shells, Thin-walled structures, Stiffened panels, Composite structures, Axisymmetric solids, General solids, Vibration of structures, Buckling of structures, Thermal stresses, Design project.
Course Outcomes 1 - Understand basic concepts of structural analysis and design
2 - Select appropriate material considering strength, stiffness, manufacturing process and cost requirements
3 - Use effectively finite element method and a commercial software in structural analysis and design
4 - Model, analyze and design truss, beam and frame structures
5 - Model, analyze and design plate and shell structures
6 - Model, analyze and design stiffened panels and composite structures
7 - Model, analyze and design axial symmetric solids and general solid
8 - Perform vibration, buckling and thermal stress analysis of structures using a finite element software
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