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MTO 497 - Atmospheric Optics and Acoustics

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to understand the most important subjects of the atmospheric physics. The behaviour of the electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere is related to the atmospheric variables. The formation of optic, acoustic and electrical events that we experience in the atmosphere will be examined.

Course Description

Electromagnetic wave refraction in the atmosphere, Terrestrial refraction theory, Primary and secondary mirage, Radio channels, Astronomic refraction, Scattering in the atmosphere, Refraction and diffusion by suspended particles in the atmosphere, Rainbow, Optic effects of ice crystals, Halo, Visibility, Effects of atmospheric turbidity, Acoustics of the atmosphere, Effects of temperature and wind on the speed of sound, Refraction and reflection of sound wave, Atmospheric electricity

Course Coordinator
Deniz Demirhan
Course Language
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