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MTO 346E - Air Pollution Modelling

Course Objectives

Objective of the course is mainly to provide the attendants with concept physical and chemical fundamentals, and model to equip the students with necessary concepts and events to enable them; to organize the air pollution problems in the framework of air pollution control system, analyze and relate them to the atmospheric conditions. This course explores aspects of the science of atmospheric pollution modeling, looking at issues such as atmospheric conditions, model equations, and air quality.

Course Description

Introduction, air pollution system, air pollutants (gas and particles), air quality standards (National, EU, EPA), WHO limits, Air Pollution Index, Model concept, Physical models, Mathematical Models,
Eulearian and Lagrangian Frames, Fick’s Law, PGT stability classification, Simple box model,
Gaussian plume model, Highway, Street models, Trajectory models, Long range transport models, EPA models, Industrial Source model , Validation and model uncertainty

Course Coordinator
Hüseyin Toros
Course Language
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