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MTO 342E - Physics of Clouds&Precipitatio

Course Objectives

1.To provide the concepts of the physical processes in clouds.
2.To provide an ability to use the applications of the thermodynamics of the
moist in the atmosphere.
3.To give an ability to define the microstructure of clouds and precipitation.

Course Description

Review of thermodynamics of water vapor. Clausius-Clapeyron equations for
liquid to vapor, ice to vapor and ice to liquid water phase changes.
Bergeron-Findeisen-Wegener theory of precipitation. Usage of the
psychrometric chart. Droplet growth by diffusion-condensation. Solution and
droplet curvature effects on saturated water vapor pressure. Raoults law,
Kelvin and Köhler curves. Atmospheric condensation nuclei,
Collision-Coalesence theory of precipitation formation. Precipitation types.
Cloud and fog classifications. Cloud forecasting. Artificial cloud seeding and
weather modification.

Course Coordinator
Sevinç Asilhan
Course Language
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