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UCK 421 - Jet Propulsion

Course Objectives

?Understand how thrust is generated with jet engines;
?Calculate the ideal performance of the complete engine and the engine components under different design conditions,
?Calculate performance under off-design conditions,
?Understand how much the performances change under actual conditions with component losses,
?Gain the ability to apply all of this knowledge to design procedures.

Course Description

Introduction to Jet Propulsion (Propulsion, Units and Dimensions, Operational Envelopes and Standard Atmosphere, Airbreathing Engines, Aircraft Performance). Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine
(Thrust Equation, Propulsive Efficiency, Gas Turbine Engine Components, Brayton Cycle). Parametric Cycle Analysis of Ideal Engines (Engine Parametric Cycle Analysis, Ideal Ramjet, Ideal Turbojet, Ideal Turbofan). Component Performance (Variation in Gas Properties, Inlet and Diffuser Pressure Recovery, Compressor and Turbine Efficiencies, Burner Efficiency and Pressure Loss, Exhaust Nozzle Loss, Mechanical Efficiency of Power Shaft, Component Figures of Merit). Parametric Cycle Analysis of Real Engines (Turbojet, Turbofan).
Engine Performance Analysis (Gas Generator, Turbojet Engine, Turbofan Engine).

Course Coordinator
Onur Tunçer
Course Language
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