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BEN 111 - Introduction to Bioengineering

Course Objectives

1. to provide exposure to basic biology and engineering problems associated with living systems and health care delivery.
2. to illustrate how basic concepts and tools of science & engineering can be brought to bear in understanding, mimicking and utilizing biological processes.
3. to introduce the basic life sciences and engineering concepts associated with the main topics biotechnology, biomechanics, biomaterials, tissue engineering and bioimaging.

Course Description

Overview of how the principles and techniques of engineering are applied to help solve problems in the medical and biological sciences. Covers, at an introductory level, a variety of topics such as cellular and molecular therapies, novel medical devices to diagnose and treat disease, biomaterials, genomics, biomechanics, cell signaling, and tissue engineering. As a project, students will be asked to offer new bioengineering ideas, discuss and present them by applying the course material.

Course Coordinator
Melek Mümine Erol Taygun
Course Language
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