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KMM 224 - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is provide students with knowledge on the following subjects:
1.Understand the laws of thermodynamics and have an ability applying them to various processes.
2.Calculate the amount of heat and work produced and/or consumed in different physical and chemical processes.
3.Get informed about the terminology, theory, and some common models used in describing solutions.
4.Have an ability to apply the principles of chemical thermodynamics to chemical reaction systems and to analyse the effects of temperature, pressure, and initial composition on the equilibrium conversion.
5.Learn the model equations related with vapour liquid mixtures at equilibrium condition and evaluate PTxy, V, L values for a given condition, and draw PTxy phase diagrams for binary mixtures based on the model equations approach

Course Description

Introduction, Basic concepts and definitions, The zeroth and first law of thermodynamics, The ideal gas, Phase change of pure substances and their pressure-volume-temperature behavior, Heat effects, The second and third laws of thermodynamics, Production of power from heat, Thermodynamic properties of fluids, Thermodynamics of flow processes, Theory of solution thermodynamics, Chemical reaction equilibria, Vapor/Liquid equilibrium, Application of solution thermodynamics

Course Coordinator
Reha Yavuz
Course Language
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