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GID 204E - Momentum Transfer

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to introduce the engineering students to the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics and momentum transfer. The emphasis is on the basics of fluid static and fluid motion, with applications generally selected from food processing. It is the intent of this course to show how the basic laws of fluid mechanics (fluid static; conservation of mass, energy and momentum) can be applied in an organized and systematic manner to the solution of practical (food) engineering problems. Ultimately, the student should acquire the knowledge and skill required to find solutions to practical fluid flow problems.

Course Description

Introduction to fluid flow
Basic concepts
Basic laws, dimensions and units,
Conservation of dimensions, dimensional analysis
Rheological properties of fluids
Classification of materials and fluid properties
Types of flow behavior
Temperature dependency of viscosity
Fluid statics, stress and pressure, basic equation of fluid statics
Conservation principles: conservation of mass, conservation of energy
Conservation of momentum
Shell-momentum balance on fluid flow problems, derivation of velocity profiles in flow field with different geometries
Pipe flow: flow regimes, Newtonian fluids flow, Non-Newtonain fluid flow
Internal flow applications: friction losses in pipes, valves and fittings; calculation of pump requirements
Flow measurement and control: pitot tube, venturi and nozzle, orifice meter, control valves
Flow passed immersed objects drag coefficient, falling particles, flow in packed beds, fluidization and fluidized beds
Application of momentum transfer principles in food processing: agitation, mixing, extrusion
Differential analysis of fluid flow, Navier-Stokes equations

Course Coordinator
Filiz Altay
Course Language
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