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KMM 311E - Thermodynamics II

Course Objectives

1.To train students to calculate the fundamental thermodynamic properties of fluids
2.To train students to apply the first and second law of thermodynamics to open systems represented by control volumes
3.To train students to investigate the changes occur in pressure, velocity, enthalpy, entropy or/and specific volume of a fluid flowing through different systems
4.To introduce the terminology, theory, and common models used in describing solutions
5.To train students to predict the composition, dew point and bubble point of vapor-liquid mixtures in equilibrium
6.To train students to apply the principles of chemical thermodynamics to chemical reaction systems and determine the effects of temperature, pressure, and initial composition on the equilibrium conversion
7.To provide experience in the use of computer and information technologies

Course Description

Thermodynamic properties of fluids. Thermodynamics of flow processes. Vapor/Liquid equilibrium. Solution thermodynamics: theory and applications. Chemical reaction equilibria.

Course Coordinator
Gamze Gümüşlü Gür
Course Language
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