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KMM 305E - Heat and Mass Transfer

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the terminology and the basic principles of heat and mass transfer.
2. To train students to identify and describe appropriate transport phenomena (fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer) for any process or system involving heat and mass transfer (in engineering and everyday life).
3. To show students how to use required inputs for computing heat and mass transfer rates and/or material (solid, liquid, gas) temperatures and/or mixture concentrations.
4. To show students how to develop representative models of real processes and systems and draw conclusions concerning process/systems design or performance from the related analyses.
5. To provide experience to work in teams.

Course Description

Basic concepts of heat transfer. Heat conduction equation. Steady heat conduction: Resistance approach, fins. Transient heat conduction. Forced convection. Natural convection. Heat exchangers. Basic concepts of mass transfer. Analogy between heat and mass transfer. Diffusion in gases, liquids, and solids. Steady mass transfer. Unsteady-state mass transfer. Mass convection and mass transfer coefficients. Mass transfer with reaction. Analogies for friction, heat transfer and mass transfer coefficients.

Course Coordinator
Şerife Birgül Ersolmaz
Course Language
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