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KMM 308E - Chem Reac Eng

Course Objectives

1. To train students to analyze and design chemical reactors and reactor combinations, rate expressions and mechanisms for nonelementary homogeneous reactions and bioreactor
2. To train students to collect and analyze reaction rate data to derive rate expressions
3. To train the students to appreciate the importance of both external and internal mass transfer effects in heterogeneous systems
4. To provide practice with computer software that can be used in the solution of reaction engineering problems involving differential equations, simulation and data regression analysis
5. To provide practice at developing critical thinking skills and solving open ended problems
6. To provide experience for the students to work in teams

Course Description

Fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering: Material balances, stoichiometry and kinetics. Design of ideal flow, batch and semi-batch reactors. Recycle and membrane reactors. Pressure drop effects. Collection and analysis of rate data. Multiple reactions. Heat effects and non-isothermal reactor design. Simulation of nonisothermal reactors with multiple chemical reactions. Unsteady-state nonisothermal reactor design. Nonelementary homogeneous reaction kinetics. Enzymatic reactions and bioreactors. Catalysis. Heterogeneous reaction mechanism and rate expressions.

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Sirkecioğlu
Course Language
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