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MET 352 - Prncp of Metal Casting & Tech

Course Objectives

The aim of this is to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and the principle of casting described in the course contents: To teach the solidification of liquid metal and nucleation (heterogen and homogeneous nucleation), to introduce the gate and gating calculation in casting. To teach feeding and filling time, to understand the fluidity, gas in liquid metal. To teach the cores and core production methods. Different casting methods such as shell moulds, prescision casting, pressure casting. To instruct the different furnace types and their working techniques. To teach production of casting of grey, tempered, spherical graphite cast iron. To introduce casting of non-ferrous alloys.

Course Description

Liquid metal, nucleation. Solidification of alloy and growth. Solidification of polyphase alloy. Solidification and solidification rate of a real casting. Gate and gating calculation in casting. Feeder, feeding and filling time. Fluidity, gas in liquid metal. Sand mould materials, their properties and related tests. Cores and core production methods. Shell moulds, precision casting, pressure casting. Induction, arc furnaces and their working techniques. Production and casting of grey, tempered, spherical graphite cast iron. Casting of Non-ferrous alloys.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Niyazi Eruslu
Course Language
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