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MET 248E - Mass & Energy Balance

Course Objectives

This course covers the fundamental concepts in the field of Metallurgical Engineering, along with numerical examples from the existing industrial applications. Almost all processes, utilized in metal production Technologies are covered within the framework of this course, which eventually outlines the background of the more technological courses offered in the following semesters.

Course Description

Material and energy balances are very important in an industry. Material balances are fundamental to the control of processing, particularly in the control of yields of the products. The first material balances are determined in the exploratory stages of a new process, improved during pilot plant experiments when the process is being planned and tested, checked out when the plant is commissioned and then refined and maintained as a control instrument as production continues. When any changes occur in the process, the material balances need to be determined again.

Course Coordinator
Cevat Bora Derin
Course Language
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