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BEN 352 - Transport Process in Bioengineering

Course Objectives

1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of transport processes with special applications to bioengineering and physiology.
2. To build up the basic equations and then apply them to specific examples of biological interest such as diffusion of gases in the lung airways, pulsatile blood flow in arteries and veins, and mass transfer of solutes in the renal tubules in the kidney.
3. To develope the problem solving skills using both analytical and computational approaches.

Course Description

Introduction to basic principles of fluid mechanics and of energy and mass transport with emphasis on applications to living systems and biomedical devices. Mathematical models of diffusion and transport are developed and applied to relevant bioengineering problems such as arterial transport, microdialysis, artificial kidney design, and sustained drug delivery.

Course Coordinator
Melek Mümine Erol Taygun
Course Language
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