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MET 313 - Chemical Metallurgy I

Course Objectives

1. To teach mineral processing / raw material preparation techniques and general concepts of metallurgical processes with examples,
2. To teach metallurgical process methods and basic concepts

Course Description

Fundamentals of metallurgical history, definitions and concepts, relations with basic sciences, minerals and ores, raw materials (ores, concentrates, scraps, reused / reused materials), ore enrichment, scrap separation, grain reduction, fracture mechanisms, energy and power requirements, liberalization, machine selection, machine type, crushers, grinders, mineral separation, precipitation events, particle separation, classification, mechanical classifier, hydraulic classifier, hydrocyclones, sieving, ideal and current sieves, material balance, sieve types, weight separation, magnetic separation , electrostatic separation, flotation, flotation chemistry, surface activators, sulfur flotation, flotation systems, drying, sedimentation, flocculation, filtration, thermal drying, evaporation, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and electrometallurgy

Course Coordinator
Mahmut Ercan Açma
Course Language
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