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MET 474 - Extractive Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals

Course Objectives

1. Production techniques of non-ferrous metals starting from ore and scrap and economical
to teach by examining in terms of conditions.
2. To emphasize the importance of recycling non-ferrous metals.

Course Description

Or production potential in Turkey, which produced Cu-Pb-Zn-Cd-Al-Cr-W-Mo-Au-Ag-Sb-like Pt
history of metals, physical and chemical properties, alloys, standards, raw materials
resources, world-production-consumption values ??of Turkey, using areas, primary and secondary
Production and refining techniques from sources, process flow charts, metals and compounds
Process selection by considering the physicochemical properties and the process
comparative explanation of the reasons for being elected; furnaces used, converters, leaching,
selection of sedimentation, cementation, distillation and electrolysis reactors and equipment, this
justification of the choice in terms of suitability and capacity in the process flow chart.

Course Coordinator
Mahmut Ercan Açma
Course Language
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