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GID 323 - Food Microbiology Lab.

Course Objectives

To teach the analysis of important microorganisms in food safety and quality.
To teach the safety rules and working procedures in a microbiology laboratory
To teach the evaluation of the results according to the current national and international regulations and standards and scientific literatures.
To teach the information on rapid and modern test techniques in microbiology.
Gain an ability to work in teams and to write a lab report. Demonstrate an awareness of engineering ethical responsibility. Develop skills in seeking in information from various sources. Provide students recognition of the need to engage in life-long learning.

Course Description

Application of microbiological analyses of microorganisms; methods of
microbiological analyses of foods; determination of microscopic, biochemical
and genetic characteristics of microorganisms and evaluation of food safety
and quality by microbiological analysis are covered

Course Coordinator
Hatice Funda Karbancıoğlu Güler
Course Language
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