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BEN 321 - Reactor Kin.&Desg. in Biotech.

Course Objectives

This course aims;
I. to give the ability to understand the reactions observed in biotechnology and compare the reactor types widely used in bioengineering
II. to introduce the key concepts of the stoichiometry and kinetics of reactions and
III. to gain the ability to understand fundamental concepts, and applications and also design of the reactors used in bioengineering applications

Course Description

Principles of reaction kinetics. Analyses of reaction kinetic data. Stoichiometry and kinetics of microbial processes. Design fundamentals and mass conversion equations for ideal reactors. Design of isothermal reactors for homogenous reactions. Design of non-isothermal reactors. Design of non-ideal reactors. Heterogeneous processes, catalysts and adsorption. Bioreactor configurations. Scale-up in reactor design.

Course Coordinator
Özlem Karahan Özgün
Course Language
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