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KMM 342E - Math Modelling in Chemical Eng

Course Objectives

1.To train students to identify and analyze modeling problems encountered in chemical engineering.
2.To train students to develop a mathematical representation of the behavior of a system or process in chemical engineering and identify important parameters of the problem.
3.To train students to acquire knowledge of the mathematical techniques required to solve the equations specific to the type of problems encountered in chemical engineering.
4.To develop the computing skills of students by providing practice with computer programming and the use of computer software that can be used in the solution of model equations.
5.To show students how to use their engineering background to evaluate, verify, and check the consistency of a model.

Course Description

Basic concepts of modeling. Fundamental laws. Derivation of model equations and boundary conditions. Model hierarchy. Examples of mathematical modeling in chemical engineering. Solution techniques for models yielding ODEs. Numerical solution of ODEs. Solution techniques for models yielding PDEs.

Course Coordinator
Devrim Barış Kaymak
Course Language
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