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KMM 422E - KMM 4902E Chemical Engineering Desing II

Course Objectives

1. To provide experience to apply knowledge in basic sciences, chemical engineering, and engineering sciences on chemical process or product design (1-7)
2. To teach basics of the technical analysis, synthesis, design and economic analysis of chemical processes; to train students on the application of these issues on chemical process/ product design (2,3)
3. To provide experience in using chemical process design simulation software (ChemCAD) to design new processes and to improve existing chemical processes (7)
4. To teach ethics, professionalism, entrepreneurship, process safety and environmental issues related to chemical process design; to train students on the application of these issues (5,6)
5. To provide students experience in effective oral and written communication and team work (8)

Course Description

Introduction to design project. Estimation of capital and manufacturing costs. Engineering economic analysis. Tools for evaluating system performance. Process optimization. Process troubleshooting and debottlenecking. Written and oral communications. Report writing. Chemical product design. Enrepreneurship. Ethics and professionalism. Sustainability.

Course Coordinator
Hale Gürbüz
Mehmet Ferhat Yardım
Devrim Barış Kaymak
Course Language
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