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MET 378E - Non-Ferrous Engineering Materials

Course Objectives

Non-ferrous metals and alloys course is an important engineering course for engineers in order to make alloys. In light of other engineering courses, this course emphasizes on

Alloy making theories and structural elements of alloys
Atomic structure, Crystal structure of alloys
Alloying theories
Solute solution alloys. Limited solution alloys. Intermediate solution alloys. Substitutional solute solution alloys.
Metastable phases. Intermetallic compounds. Covalent compounds.
Aluminium, titanium, magnesium, copper-based alloys and preparing techniques, properties

Course Description

This course will offer an introduction to the concept of alloy and alloying. The course will include the what is alloy, atomic structure, periodic table, the application of chemical bonding theories on metals, valence bonding and chemical bonding in metal and alloys, metallic alloy theories, crystal structures of intermetallic phases and dimension analysis, alloy standards and worldwide applications, Aluminum, copper, zinc, titanium, nickel alloys

Course Coordinator
Güldem Kartal Şireli
Course Language
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