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BEN 337 - Biofuels and Bioenergy

Course Objectives

1. To train students on the diversity of biofuels, their potential, and design of production methods.
2. To introduce “fuel ethanol” and “fuel methanol” concepts, and to compare their performances with transport fuels.
3. To introduce the biodiesel production technology and to evaluate some specifications of biodiesel in terms of environment, economy, and fuel performance.
4. To introduce the production of hydrogen by biological method.
5. To provide information on the design of microbial fuel cells and advanced biofuel technologies.

Course Description

Biological energy resources and biofuels. Design of harvesting energy from biochemical reactions. Photosynthetic plants as renewable energy sources. Bioethanol production by enzymes. Raw materials to produce low-cost biodiesel. Fuel and physical properties of biodiesel components. Processing of vegetable oils as biodiesel and engine performance. Ethanol and Methanol as fuels in internal combustion engines. Biological production of hydrogen. Cracking of lipids for fuels and chemicals. Design of Microbial fuel cells.

Course Coordinator
Serdar Yaman
Course Language
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