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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Çevre Kimyası ve Teknolojisi
English Environmental Chemistry and Technology
Course Code
KMM 465 Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Nuran Deveci Aksoy
Course Objectives 1. To provide the student with an appreciation and understanding of the fundamental and theoretical basics and concepts in environmental chemistry,treatment technology,recyle and utilization of wastes.
2. To provide training in correlation, interpretation, and analysis of related topics and issues involved in Environmental Chemistry, including aquatic, atmospheric, and geochemical interactions. treatment methods treatment methods treatment methods .
Course Description The course provides students with an appreciation and understanding of the fundamental and theoretical background and concepts in environmental chemistry and treatment technology,recyle of waste,utilization of waste.
Course Outcomes 1.Students will learn the basic aspects of environmental chemistry
2. Students will learn environmental testing methods and gain the knowledge necessary for critical evaluation of fundamental aspects of testing procedures and data derived from environmental testing.
Pre-requisite(s) -
Required Facilities
Textbook 1. Sawyer, Mc.Carty, Chemistry of Sanitary Engineers, Mc. Graw Hill, N.Y., 1994.
2. APHA,AWWA,WEF. Standart Methods for the Examinations of Water and Wastewaters
3. Sax,, I.., Industrial Pollution, Van Nostrand Reinhold, N.Y., 1974.
4. Noll, K., Duncan, T., Industrial Air Pollution Control, Ann Arbor Science, N.Y.,1973.
5. Diaz,F,L,Savage,M.,Gouluke,G,C.Composting,Recycling. Lewis Publishing 1993.
6. Lewin,A.M.,Gehalt,A.N., Biotreatment and Industrial and Hazardous Wastes.Mc.Graw.Hill 1993.
7. Martin,A.M., Bioconversion of Waste Materials of Industrial Products,Elsevier Applied Science 1991.
Other References
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