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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Malzemelerin Statik ve Dinamik Mukavemeti
English Statics and Dynamic Strength of Materials
Course Code
MET 252E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Murat Baydoğan
Course Objectives 1. To define force, moment and equilibrium concepts,
2. To teach relationships between moment-stress and strain in torsion and bending,
3. To define stress, strain and strain energy concepts,
4. To define the stress acting on pressure vessels and columns,
5. To define failure mechanisms in dynamic conditions.
Course Description Basic definitions and principles of statics, scalar and vector quantities, moment concept, resultant forces, forces acting on beams and frames, single and distributed forces. Shear force and moment diagrams. Basic definitions and principles on strength of materials. Stress and strain concept. Normal and Shear stress. Elastic constants, elastic and plastic deformation, failure criteria, safety factor for design, principal stress and strain. Plane stress and plane stress concept. Mohr circle for stress and strain. Combined stresses. Moment of inertia, Torsion, Bending. Stresses acting on pressure vessels and columns, Strain-Based and Stress based fatigue strength. Fatigue crack growth, Static and dynamic fracture toughness, Damage tolerance
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to:
I. Understand the definitions of force, moment, stress and equilibrium,
II. Calculate the load or stress acting on a system to maintain the equilibrium.
III. Draw and interpret shear force and moment diagrams,
IV. Understand basic definitions of strength of materials,
V. Draw and interpret Mohr circle of stress and strain for various loading conditions,
VI. To understand the importance of moment of inertia for materials in resisting of external forces
VII. To calculate and interpret the stresses on pressure vessels and columns
VIII. To understand fatigue life, fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth concept,
IX. To understand damage tolerance concept
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