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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Gıda Müh Temel İşlemler II
English Food Engineering Unit Operations II
Course Code
GID 322 Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Emine Özgül Evranuz
Esra Doğu Baykut
Course Objectives 1. Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge on unit operations applied in food processing and preservation.
2. Develop an ability to design unit operations applied in food processing and preservation
3. Demonstrate an ability to recognize and solve engineering problems associated with the unit operations applied in food processing.
Course Description Thermal processes used to process and preserve food on commercial basis; pasteurization/sterilization; dehydration; cold storage; freezing; extraction; novel food processing techniques.
Course Outcomes 1.Demonstrate a basic knowledge of unit operations as applied to food processing.
2.Apply appropriate engineering tools and methods to solve problems.
3.Learn from mistakes and practices and continue improvement.
4.Demonstrate an ability to apply theoretical concepts into practical problem solving.
5.Take new information and effectively integrate with previous knowledge.
6.Cooperate and share information with others.
7.Analyze problems from different viewpoint.
8.Scale down information to what is important.
Pre-requisite(s) None
Required Facilities
Textbook Fellows, P. 1988. Food Processing Technology, Wood Publishing, New York.
Other References 1. Singh, R.P. and Heldman, D.R. 1993. Introduction to Food Engineering, Academic Press, New York.
2. McCabe, W.L., Smith, J.C. and Harriot, P. 1980. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, AVI Publishing, New York.
3. Toledo, R.T. 1991. Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering, 2nd Edition, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York.
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