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KMM 458 - Measurement and Control Devices

Course Objectives

1 To provide to the students, grade importance and prevision of measurement of process variables and to use alarm devices, from technological ans social point of view.
2.To provide to the students, the scientific and technological principles of measurement devices, which they are working in mechanical, electronical and digital manner.
3. To provide to the students, some knowledges about physical elements of a control system, such as measurement element, controller and control valve, to gain to design of a beter process control systems.
4.To provide to the students learning and teaching experience on a special measurement subject, to get term homework.
5.To provide to the student choosing appropriate measurement devices to own process control systems or chemical process equipment, such as distillation towers, various type reactors, extraction units.

Course Description

Measurement Fundamentals, measurement terminology and characteristics. Analysis of measurement data and statistical evaluations. Error in measurement and determination of error. Temperature systems, bimetal termometers, Thermocouples, resistance thermometers,thermistors,.radiation and optical pyrometry. Signal transducers, Potansiometers and linear variable differential transformer. Pressure systems, mechanical and piezoelectrical pressure elements, High vacuum measuremenent. Ph, humidity, thickness and liquid-level measurement sensors, Bulk-solid level measurement, Strain sensors, metal and semiconductor strain gauges.Fluid-flow and solid-matter flow measurement, rotameters, Rheological systems, viscosity and density measurement, Air pollution measurement. Radiation, X-ray and radioactivity sensors, Electronic and pneumatic controllers, Final control elements, control valves, Process equipment instrumentation and control.

Course Coordinator
Hikmet İskender
Course Language
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