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GID 316E - Food Packaging

Course Objectives

To make aware about the importance and need of packaging in food products focusing on the deteriorations and shelf-life of foods. Selecting the appropriate plastic, glass, metal or paper packaging material suitable for the food in concern by knowing both the properties of the material and the food. To evaluate the interactions and migrations between the packaging material and the food matrix. To apply the knowledge gained in this lecture for discussing the real packages of the food products in the market. To make familiar with new packaging technologies and recent applications in this area.

Course Description

Aspects of packaging technology that are relevant to the processing, preservation, distribution and marketing of a particular food. Major functions of packaging materials. Factors effecting food spoilage. Paper, metal, plastic and glass materials used in food packaging by focusing on the properties and applications Multi layer combinations. Special packaging techniques. Examples for packaging applications in food industry. Recycling of packaging material. Migration and legal directives.

Course Coordinator
Dilara Erdil
Course Language
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