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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Basic principles of mass transfer and definitions, Diffusion coefficients
2 Determination of diffusion coefficient in gas, liquid and solid systems.
3 Equation of Continuity, Shell-balance method.
4 Diffusion models, Steady-state mass transfer equations in gas systems.
5 Steady-state mass transfer equations in liquid systems, Mass transfer with chemical reaction.
6 Convective mass transfer.

7 Definition and determination of mass transfer coefficient.
8 Eddy diffusion and mass transfer coefficients for turbulent flow, Dimensionless groups.
9 Interphase mass transfer.
10 Film mass transfer coefficients and determination of interphase concentrations.
11 Determination of overall mass transfer coefficients and interphase concentration.
12 Design of continuous-contact-systems (packed columns), Derivation of operational lines.
13 Design of continuous-contact-system with film and overall-mass transfer coefficients.
14 The height and number of transfer unit and design of continuous-contact-systems.
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