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GID 415E - Cold Storage Technology

Course Objectives

The foodstuffs are generally processed by refrigeration technology in order to keep their initial quality as long as possible. In order to increase the effectiveness of the application of refrigeration technology, modified atmosphere packaging or controlled atmosphere storage may also be used. In the course, it is aimed to develop the fundamentals of the cold chain concept for food engineers to practice engineering in preservation of the quality. The objectives of the course are as follows:
1. Demonstrate a basic knowledge on the principles applicable in production of cold,
2. Examine the techniques in cold and frozen preservation,
3. Demonstrate a basic knowledge on the modified atmosphere packaging and controlled atmosphere storage,
4. Analyze the importance of the process control equipments used in refrigeration systems,
5. Develop practical solutions and common language in the application of the course.

Course Description

Basic concepts of refrigeration, and its importance; restrictions related to current environmental phenomena like ozone layer and greenhouse effect; cold preservation of foodstuffs; refrigeration cycles; cold stores; modified atmosphere packaging and controlled atmosphere storage; freezing; energy conservation in cold stores; product based applications; process control equipments in refrigeration systems.

Course Coordinator
Filiz Altay
Course Language
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